Although the martial arts have an Eastern influence, our club is led by born-again Christians who love Jesus Christ and His Word, the Bible. We believe that the way to true peace is to be at peace with God. We recommend that you click or here or contact us for more information.

We practice martial arts for exercise, self-discipline, self-defense, and for fun! Here are some of the principles for which we strive: 
*Respect others. This means being quiet and attentive during class. All questions should wait until class is over. We are a non-contact school so except for blocking do not make physical contact. Outside of class show humility and never use your skills to intimidate or bully.
*Respect the instructors. Listen carefully. Show good spirit in an attitude of obedience, hustle, and doing your best.
*Respect yourself. Dress appropriately. Yellow belts and above should wear an approved uniform. White belts can begin with t-shirt and sweat pants. Concentrate on your progress not on the progress of others. Drink lots of water to be hydrated for practice. Stretch and prepare your body for our workout. If you have a medical condition please make sure the instructors know before practice begins. We want to push our limits but not damage our bodies.

We do encourage you to come and watch a practice or two if you have questions. Tae Kwon Do is not for everyone, but we enjoy it and hope you will too!

Belt Ranks
    White Belt: You're automatically a White Belt when you join. As a white belt you'll learn Basics, Forms and Three-Step. 
    Yellow Belt: After 1-2 months minimum of steady practice and hard work, a student may qualify for Yellow Belt. You'll learn new Forms, new Three Steps, One Step all the way down, and you'll finally be able to Freestyle. 
    Green Belt: After 2-3 months minimum of steady practice and hard work as a Yellow Belt, a student may qualify for Green Belt. You'll earn new forms and be expected to practice with much more focus than before. 
    Purple Belt: After 4-5 months minimum of steady practice, hard work and a good attitude as a Green Belt, a student may qualify for Purple Belt. This is a big step with new Forms and Three-Steps to learn. When considering students for this advancement closer attention is paid to how they conduct themselves at practice. A student may be adept at the physical aspects, but if they have a poor attitude then they will not qualify. 
    Brown Belt: After 6-8 months minimum of steady practice, hard work, a good attitude and proving him or herself as a good role model, a student may qualify for Brown Belt. At this point, our expectations are very high! On the physical end, a student must develop strong Focus, Speed, and Precision. Students need to giving 100% at every practice. On the Mental and Spiritual end: Do they have a good attitude? Are they passionate and dedicated? Are they respectful to others? Are they providing a good role model both in and out of practice? Are they keeping their grades and schoolwork up? How is their behavior at school and at home? A student must live up to high standards in order to achieve a high rank in the art of Tae Kwon Do. 
    NOTE: The time frames given above between belt tests are the best case scenarios. Some students will have to wait longer to take a test. Lack of attendance, disruptive behavior, only giving 50% at class and other factors will lengthen the time between belts. Model behavior, hard work, and good attendance at regular class time will shorten the time between tests.